A new electric hypercar is entering the ring.

Coming from Vienna, Austria, a new brand was established in 2020 that set out to create an incredible and luxurious all-electric hypercar. Combining the design know-how of Italdesign and the innovation, motorsport experience, and electric technology of Williams Advanced Engineering, DEUS Automobiles might be new to the game, but its talent certainly isn’t. And finally, DEUS is ready to introduce its first car, which will be fully unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, on April 13 at 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

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The car, named after its brand’s home city, Vienna, will be called the Vayanne, and DEUS has released some images as well as a teaser video to give us an idea of what the car might look like. From what we can discern, the car’s proportions suggest a hypercar, and we also get to see the lights of the car. One interesting detail is the rear, where we can see what looks to be a large section of a rear grille, surrounded by a continuous strip of light. Still, nearly three weeks remain before we get to see the car in its full glory, and once we do, the fierce competition of futuristic and incredible electric hypercars may well become fiercer.

Source: DEUS Automobiles