Presented by - This is the chance to own the most valuable plate ever sold in the United States. For the first time in 53 years, the California license plate CASH is available for transfer and registration to a new owner.

License plates, by design and function, must be one of a kind in order to link a vehicle to its owner. As an owner's tastes change over time, so do their cars. However, the plate can remain with the owner indefinitely. Thus is the case with a recently retired attorney in California who purchased the special plate CASH in 1968. For over half a century, the 4-character configuration adorned his cars, all while becoming rarer and rarer as the number of registered vehicles in California ballooned to over 35 million. Now, as he settles into retirement, he feels it’s time for a new bumper to feature CASH.

California is the heart of entertainment and technology, where fame and fortune are on constant display. CASH is a word that’s featured in song lyrics, artist names, and business enterprises; synonymous with success. At an asking price of $2,000,000, it’s certainly for a select few. “The person who acquires this plate will have a collection of cars, homes, or artwork, but they don’t shy away from public expression,” says Michael Modecki, the founder of “They want to be seen, and owning the most valuable plate in the country would be very appealing to them.”

The aftermarket sale of license plates isn’t a new concept. States like Delaware and Texas sell coveted plate messages at auction while Massasschusettes holds a lottery for low-number plates. The highest price ever publicly paid for a plate in the USA is $625,000 in Delaware. Around the world, in places like the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, license plates can reach 8-figure price tags, with the most valuable selling at $14,300,000 in 2009.

Since 2017, California regulations have allowed the transfer of plates from owner to owner. “California is the perfect place for the aftermarket to thrive,” Modecki explains. “The rising popularity of NFTs has put unconventional collectibles in the spotlight. They are reaching record sales because of their rarity. License plates are always 1-of-1, and instead of showing them off on a computer screen, they go with you wherever your car goes.” He’s not dismissing the value of NFTs, however. He has also listed the first-ever license plate/NFT pairing. “NFTs are the future of guaranteed value. The pairing of digital assets with tangible ones is inevitable.”

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