The brand new Grecale SUV decided to become a Mars-erati.

Maserati released the all-new Grecale SUV just yesterday, the brand’s smaller SUV that packs plenty of punch for its profile. Having also recently announced the Fuoriserie customization program that takes Maseratis and transforms them into wildly customized pieces with artistic imagination, it felt natural to combine the two.

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However, “natural” isn’t where Maserati stopped. Instead, it made the Grecale extraterrestrial. In this video, Maserati shows the Grecale being abducted by aliens to get the Fuoriserie treatment. Once the car lands on Mars, we can see that it’s been done in a Galactic Orange color with a dazzling wet-look finish, and positively Martian orange window tint to match. Other features on the exterior include the Vortex wheels and glitched Maserati Trident. The interior features a projection of constellations on the panoramic glass roof, and a color scheme that evokes the cockpit of a true spacecraft. This Martian take on the Maserati Grecale is an interesting look at Maserati going from Neptune to Mars.

Source: Maserati