With one week away from Lotus announcing its very first SUV, the founder’s son sheds some light on how his father might have seen things.

Clive Chapman is the son of Colin Chapman, founder of the Lotus brand that we have known and loved for incredibly agile racing and sports cars that are excellent to handle and thrilling to drive. Now, Lotus is just one week from entering an entirely new chapter in its history, by revealing the first SUV from the brand, an electric vehicle that promises to remain true to the agility and dynamics that characterize Lotus’ roots, while also catapulting the brand into the future with electric technology and the practicality of an SUV.

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Being as different as it is from the typical Lotus car, many might wonder what Colin Chapman might have thought of a Lotus SUV, but Clive Chapman tells a story that suggests the Type 132 may well have been right up Colin Chapman’s alley. Clive says that Colin was known for his pragmatism, and despite his love for the racing and sports cars that he designed, always had a practical car such as a 4x4 on hand. He even goes as far as saying that Lotus HQ always had two parking spots for Colin, one for a Lotus and another for his more practical vehicle. However, as of next week, he would only need one.

Source: Lotus