With a 31 inch screen and more power than ever, the new 7 Series is BMW’s flagship sedan at its best.

Coming in April, the new BMW i7 will be presented as a revolutionarily new, all-electric rendition of BMW’s flagship luxury sedan. With over 300 miles of range, and more power than the 7 Series has ever had before, the BMW i7 will be solid, irrefutable proof that electric powertrains are capable of providing the pinnacle of luxury driving experiences.

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The i7 transforms the 7 Series into a car that minimizes environmental impact without making any other compromises. The crystal glass in the lighting elements and illuminated grille showcase the level of excellence that the car possesses even before anyone steps inside. And once you do, the latest iDrive system allows driving dynamics and interior ambiance to be customized at a detailed level, and the BMW Curved Display on the instrument panel and doors provides unique, futuristic luxury along with the Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof.

However, the best part, as with all luxury sedans like the 7 Series, is in the rear seats. The BMW Theatre Screen gives rear seat passengers the ultimate limousine experience, with a 31-inch screen capable of 8K streaming resolution, allowing a private, luxurious entertainment experience to be enjoyed by the i7’s rear seat occupants. Just when we thought the BMW 7 Series was as good as luxury driving gets, it got better.

Source: BMW