Alpine’s new hydrogen-powered concept puts the H in Hypercar.

Alpine asked the Istituto Europeo di Design, or IED Design School in Turin, Italy to create a “super berlinette” concept car intended for the year 2035, with high performance and low environmental impact. What came out of this request was the Alpine A4810 Project by IED. This concept is a hydrogen-powered supercar with slick looks and inspiration derived from Formula 1.

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The number designation, 4810, was taken after the height of Mont Blanc, the tallest peak in the Alps between Italy and France, representing the combination of the Italian design school and the French client brand. Referencing the Alps also pays homage to the similarly named Alpine brand and the fact that with hydrogen power, the A4810 would perform excellently despite high altitudes and low temperatures. Seeing the potential of the Alpine brand through the eyes of young students helps the brand see their interpretation of the future and how Alpine can be an important part of said future, and with a concept car with ideas as brilliant as this, we wish 2035 would come sooner.

Source: Alpine