Presented by Bell - We all know the thrill of something new. The first time you ride a bike, drive a car, meet someone new, or perhaps see a new place. That exhilaration of the unknown that we continue to return for; constantly seeking and pushing further to experience it. As we age, this feeling becomes more and more fleeting. What if, though, you could step foot on an untouched mountain peak, stumble upon a hidden beach, or take to the sky to see the world from a whole new perspective right from your backyard? Often times these places can only be seen by plane, looking down at the world from 35,000 feet. These new places that seems almost unobtainable without a runway. Seemingly no way you could ever set foot in that location with not a road nor a path to it. When you remove the requirement of an airport or road, however, you need the ultimate adventure machine. A helicopter.

As the world reopens, the desire to get out and see new places is stronger than ever. If you truly desire to see things in a new way though, what better way than to explore via helicopter. Whether an experienced pilot or completely new to aviation, aircraft ownership may be simpler than you think. So ask yourself, when was the last time you did something for the first time?