Leave it to Lamborghini to turn sustainability into a statement.

Global Recycling Day is March 18 every year, and it is a day launched by the Global Recycling Foundation in 2018 established to promote recycling in an effort to reduce waste, CO2 emissions, and other harmful effects of modern lifestyle that put our planet in danger. Lamborghini is a company with a decided goal towards promoting and working towards environmental sustainability, having received ISO 14001 certification in 2009, meaning that it is internationally recognized as a company with a focus on environmental preservation.

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This dedication towards sustainability has led Lamborghini to recover 51% of its special waste produced during manufacturing in 2021, and since 2020, Lamborghini has had two recycling and upcycling initiatives that turn what would have been waste product into a product with a brand new life, and it is using Global Recycling Day to promote these initiatives.

Lamborghini uses lots of leather for the seats of cars and other interior surfaces. Sometimes, this leather does not pass quality control, or there are offcuts of leather left from making a car component. In both of these situations, the leftovers are considered raw material and are able to be made into new small leather goods.

In collaboration with Cooperativa Carteria in Marzabotto, Italy, Lamborghini’s Upcycled Leather Project products include a tote bag, phone case, cardholder, and keychain pouch, all of which are available for sale on the Lamborghini Store. Along with this, leftover carbon is also recovered for other uses. Since 2020, 27 tons of carbon fiber have found a new purpose in training and education for student technicians and engineers. Even as its production site has doubled since, Lamborghini has remained carbon neutral since 2015.

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Source: Lamborghini