2021 was a great year for Maserati, but it’s going to keep getting better.

Maserati enjoyed a 2021 with increased sales, to the tune of 41%, increased market share, and plenty of other successes. However, their biggest success yet comes more recently, as Maserati has finally announced its plan to introduce a range of electric vehicles, which will be called Maserati Folgore, named after the Italian word for “lightning,” and this announcement makes Maserati the first Italian luxury car brand to produce fully electric models.

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Better yet, the Trident plans to complete the electric lineup by 2025, which will by then be extended to include the MC20, the Quattroporte, Levante, Grecale, and more. The pioneer Maserati Folgore model, however, will be the new GranTurismo, which employs technology derived from Formula E to provide the degree of performance, comfort, beauty, and elegance that we have become so accustomed to with the GranTurismo as we have known it. Performance statistics, pricing, and other details for the Folgore Gran Turismo have yet to be revealed, but the car will debut on the market in 2023.

Source: Maserati