Ferrari’s new 296 GTB is already taking on the responsibility of the brand’s racing future.

Racing is at the heart of the Ferrari brand; it can be found in the Prancing Horse’s very deepest roots. In fact, the new 296 GTB takes design cues from historical Ferrari racing cars, like the 1963 250 LM that brought Ferrari victory at Le Mans in 1965. With that kind of legacy in its very DNA, it’s really no wonder that the Ferrari 296 GTB, even in its infancy, is ready to race.

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Enter the 296 GT3, a Ferrari 296 designed to meet the track and performance requirements for GT racing, receiving the torch passed from the 488 GT3, the most successful Ferrari race car ever with 107 titles to its name. The car takes the styling of the original 296 GTB and adds aerodynamics and an intimidating stance for an efficient and race-ready look. The car is already in production, with a 6-cylinder engine, however without the hybrid electric motor due to track regulations, and it’s going to be tested and developed on the track to debut for racing in 2023. And with these sketches done in all black, you could say the Ferrari 296 GT3 is ready to be the dark horse on the track.

Source: Ferrari