“Power” and “Lotus” weren’t historically words that went together, until now.

However, with an electric car that boasts nearly 2000 horsepower in the brand’s portfolio, Lotus is not the car manufacturer they were before by any stretch of the imagination. Having blossomed into a formidable performance car brand with global, world-class appeal while remaining true to the brand’s lightweight racing agility roots, the Lotus Emira is, in many ways, the final culmination of Lotus as we have known it for decades. The Emira is Lotus’s last gasoline-powered model, and the V6 version of the Lotus Emira has been a wonderful success for orders thus far. However, Lotus didn’t stop there. In collaboration with AMG, Lotus is now offering the Emira with a four-cylinder engine, and not just any four-cylinder engine, the most powerful production four-cylinder engine in the world.

Seen previously in the Mercedes-AMG A45, GLA45, and CLA45, the AMG M139 featured in the Lotus Emira is bespoke and manufactured specifically for the Emira, and despite its small 2.0-liter size, delivers 360 horsepower to the mid-engined car. That in mind, the four-cylinder Emira actually accelerates slightly faster than its V6 counterpart, getting from 0-60 in under 4.2 seconds.

Currently, the First Edition is the only Emira available to order, with orders for the four-cylinder powertrain starting April 8, and deliveries starting later this year. The First Edition comes with standard touches like branded brake calipers, heated 12-way seats available in Nappa leather and Alcantara, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, and added options available include a suspension and tire package, a package with privacy glass, headliner, branded floor mats and sports pedals, and a package including rain-sensing wipers, auto-dimming mirrors, and other convenience features. The entry-level four and six-cylinder Emira will launch and become available in early 2023, and with two powertrains to choose from, it certainly won’t fail to impress.

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Source: Lotus