McLaren NFTs and metaverse experiences are coming soon.

Having partnered with InfiniteWorld, a metaverse infrastructure platform that helps brands create digital content using NFTs and the metaverse, McLaren is diving headfirst into the new world of digital experiences and offerings.

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The brand plans to use these new features to create a “deeper, more engaged digital experience,” by minding NFTs and digital artwork of McLaren cars and other brand content. Some NFTs that McLaren plans to make are also slated to include buyer-only experiences that are only available to McLaren NFT owners.

InfiniteWorld is a best-in-class platform, and plans to provide McLaren customers with digital experiences that change the meaning of McLaren ownership into something never seen before, making owning a McLaren into a McLaren lifestyle, which will be much more than simply owning a McLaren car, although any McLaren car is definitely an incredible thing to own by itself.

Source: McLaren