2021 was one of BMW’s greatest years for profit, sales, and sustainability.

With a new financial year ahead, the BMW Group celebrates a year of success and the beginning of an incredibly bright future for its brands, a large focus of which is electrification. The financial year 2021 ended for BMW with all-time record revenue, earnings, and net profit, thanks to increased sales, and a significant investment in research and development.

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Over 2.5 million cars were delivered globally by BMW Group this year, and the shocking (pun intended) aspect about it is that 13 percent or over 300,000 of those cars were electrified vehicles, showing a genuine enthusiasm for moving towards electric cars in the future. BMW’s fourth quarter of the 2021 financial year remained successful despite supply chain bottlenecks and other factors that drove up costs and slowed deliveries. However, despite the hiccup in deliveries, orders were as high as ever, with electrified vehicles alone accounting for nearly 100,000 orders in the fourth quarter.

With a bold strategy moving to electrification, and a product lineup that doesn’t fail to impress, BMW’s success is no surprise. Hopefully, this year is even more exciting.

Source: BMW