The numbers are in, and Bentley is quite happy with them.

And going from 20 million Euros to 389 million Euros in operating profits is definitely something to be happy about. Bentley, as all brands did, was impacted by the pandemic, which meant that profits were low compared to previous years, but managing to turn a profit in a year such as 2020 is a meaningful success for any company. However, Bentley used 2021 not only to survive, but to thrive, and ended the year with explosively grown profits, record sales, and ambitious new plans for the future.

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With a near 2000% increase in profit, obliterating the brand’s previous record of 170 million Euros, and record sales to the tune of 14,659 cars, Bentley leads in the upper echelon of luxury cars. Bentley credits a fresh model lineup and the Beyond100 strategy with the brand’s carbon-neutrality goals as big factors in its popularity this past year, and to build on that, Bentley plans to release five electric models in five years, starting in 2025, with the goal of carbon-neutrality by 2030. The world is changing, and Bentley is ready to change with it.

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