America’s SUV is getting souped up this May.

The Cadillac SUV has spent over 20 years as a staple in American luxury, being one of the defining SUVs of American luxury car culture. And finally, after all that time, Cadillac has decided to give the Escalade the V treatment, which will make it the first SUV to bear the V-Series badge, which is Cadillac’s symbol for the best performance and dynamics the brand can offer.

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With plenty of luxury performance SUVs on the market, the Escalade V is up against some serious competition, however, the Escalade has behind it the status of a cultural phenomenon and an American icon in the luxury car world. Combining that with a new focus on performance is sure to turn even more heads than the Cadillac Escalade already does. Cadillac has announced that the Escalade V is being revealed May 11, and as part of the short video used to make the announcement, we hear a small preview of the engine sound of the car, layered with an instrumental piece of music made by producer and artist Maffio to accompany it. As exciting as this is, sound will be just the tip of the iceberg for the Escalade V.

Source: Cadillac