It’s been a while since we heard from Wiesmann, but we’re ready to pick up right where we left off.

Wiesmann was known for making pure, down-to-earth, powerful, and utterly gorgeous sports cars and convertibles, like the MF3 and GT, with instantly recognizable vintage-inspired looks, irresistible sports car proportions with their long hoods and short rear sections that hearken back to touring cars of old, and BMW-derived engines paired with manual transmissions and rear-wheel drive that make for the purest driving pleasure with no shortcuts and no overcomplications.

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However, the brand has been dormant for some time, but now they’ve returned and announced that return by posting pictures of a testing car going all out across an icy expanse. It’s called “Project Thunderball,” named after the Sean Connery-era James Bond movie, released in 1965. Wiesmann says that the car is going to be comparable to modern cars while retaining the Wiesmann DNA and that it will be crafted by the same team that Wiesmann cars have before, as the last “truly independent European sports car marque remaining today.”

If the car looks anything like the Wiesmanns of the past, which even despite the camouflage, we can see that it does, it will undoubtedly appeal to the same effortless, classic, vintage glamor that its eponymous film embodies, and combining that beauty with the performance and dynamism Wiesmann has always been known for, it’s surely going to be a car fit for a Bond of any era.