The Titan kicks off the all-new Medford Knife & Tool OAK Collection.

Presented by The Medford Guy - When it comes to supplying the most exceptional American-made knives for the uncommon man, the professionals at Medford Knife & Tool are the first choice. Medford Knife & Tool is proud to announce the introduction of The OAK Collection, an exclusive 10-piece series that features one-of-one luxury knife designs for dedicated collectors and investors. Leading off the highly-anticipated OAK Collection is the all-new Titan, an artistic creation that incorporates luxury design and premium materials.

The Titan is loosely based on the non-traditional curves of the famous Medford Praetorian pocket knives. Making its appearance as the world’s first investment-grade knife, the Titan features an iridescent 5/16”-inch hand-forged handle with 107-layers of Chad Nichols Damascus and Timascus using a painstaking sculpting process. Medford Knife & Tool displays its craftsmanship and attention to detail with the addition of Chad Nichols Timascus skeletonized scales that add depth to the Titan’s design. Pushing the norms of custom knife design, Medford Knife & Tool chose to hand-sculpt the scales and pocket clip in a unique 'Stained Glass' style. The eye-catching finish highlights large peaks and valleys that reflect off of natural light similar to the facets of a diamond. Once deployed using its smooth pivot motion, the Titan reveals its stunningly intricate blade that features 1,000-layers of polished steel with line designs that accentuate its geometric shape.

The Titan from Medford Knife & Tool completely flips what is expected from the custom knife world, propelling into a new segment all its own. The all-new Medford Knife & Tool Titan is currently available as part of the Medford OAK Collection for $150,000, with an option to use ETH Cryptocurrency as payment. In addition to the knife itself, the Titan also includes a digital NFT that comes with invitations to special events. Discover the Medford Knife & Tool Titan and set up a consultation with The Medford Guy.

Discover The Medford Knife & Tool Titan