The ultimate gaming chair for Lamborghini fans.

Secretlab has just announced their new Automobili Lamborghini Edition gaming chair collection that's perfect for both gamers and those who just want a comfortable seat. Both Secretlab and Lamborghini collaborated to ensure that this gaming chair is a perfect representation of both brands' standards. Within the collection are two separate chairs, the Automobili Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition and the Automobili Lamborghini Edition. The former chair features Alcantara and even a carbon fiber top plate, materials that can be found in a real-life Lamborghini supercar. As for the Automobili Lamborghini Edition chair from Secret Lab, soft suede is the material of choice, and contrasting verde accents are used beautifully. The Secretlab for Automobili Lamborghini Collection will arrive in 2022, but you can register your interest by clicking here.