Even Hennessey is impressed. Really.

Getting to see a multi-million dollar hypercar show its full strength on the dyno is a rare treat, and this has to be one of the rarest treats of them all. This video shows a Bugatti Chiron showing everything its capable of on the dyno, and the publisher of the video, the Hamilton Collection, claims to be the first in the world to put the Chiron through its paces on the dynamometer. 

What they want to find out is what the Chiron can really do and verify the numbers that Bugatti claims the Chiron can make. However the car performs on the data readings, it’s an incredible machine, and seeing a legendary car like the Chiron yank at the straps and hearing its quadruple-turbocharged W16 engine realize its full potential is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Even Hennessey, Bugatti’s top-speed rival thought so, leaving a comment on the video saying: 

Well, Hennessey, if you think so, then we definitely agree. Check out the amazing video above.