Presented by Supercar Capsule.

Luxury experience, extravagant cars and extraordinary design are synonymous with Supercar Capsule. The Italian architecture firms ASZarchitetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* have seamlessly combined these symbols of success and created the trademark SuperCar Capsule. SCC is a bespoke turnkey collection of state-of-the-art displays that showcase limited-edition supercars at home.

Each high-tech supercar capsule outfitting provides a statement centerpiece that allows owners and their guests to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of one or more supercars. ASZarchitetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* have effortlessly blended essential garaging into the interior design of a private home to create a prominent display space for the car to be admired in everyday life.

Supercar Capsule designers will remodel an existing garage or design a new space to house a supercar. The bespoke designs include an impressive array of finishes, fully controllable lighting effects of extraordinary quality. Various color schemes will highlight each supercar’s individual personality and aesthetics. Each capsule can seamlessly include a plethora of lifestyle trappings to create an immersive and highly unique experience.

Designers can incorporate video walls, generative music, a wine cellar or mini bar, a cigar humidor and a barista-inspired coffee machine. The capsules are perfectly climatized with accoustic panels for the supercar owner and friends to enjoy the pure throaty sound of its engine.

The architects and designers carefully consider each capsule, vehicular access and overall spatial value of each villa to ensure each supercar is viewed from the most conspicuous and appealing angle. Each supercar is showcased as a prized possession and asset in a sculptural form to accentuate its curves, design appeal and uniqueness.

For over two decades, ASZarchitetti and SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* have provided multi-award-winning and novel design solutions for their exacting clients. Each supercar capsule has boundless opportunities for personalized design, individuality and customization. The capsules are all designed in situ and made to measure. The design process includes dialogue with the owners to ensure that the capsule aligns with their needs, style, property peculiarities and, of course, the garage or carport space available. SCC has created various blueprints with predefined configurations to maintain efficacy throughout the design and build process.

Buyers have the option to merge their capsule into their living space so that it becomes part of the interiors and adds an entirely new dimension to the luxury car ownership experience. If their home has a garage, the designers can remodel the interior to give it a refreshing appeal with new finishes, lighting effects, and color schemes. Entirely separate capsules can also be constructed as detached showrooms and positioned in pride of place in the heart of a garden, close to a swimming pool or in another favorite location of a property. The external-use standalone capsules are pre-engineered and configured for tech, studio or loft usage.

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