Continuing to put the “EV” in “Chevrolet,” the new Blazer SS is going to be electric.

Chevrolet’s new all-electric Blazer SS is going to be all-electric, as the brand has announced with a teaser video, showing the charger port of the car, and nothing more. With electric powertrains being responsible for more and more performance cars that break records without breaking the environment and redefine what it means to make a performance car.

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With this announcement following that of the Silverado EV, Chevrolet is taking a deliberate and major turn towards electric vehicles, which is great news not only for those who want to look out for the environment but also for car enthusiasts everywhere. With every new electric performance car that comes out, we are reminded of the fact that electric cars have the potential to take performance cars as a whole to heights that were once thought unimaginable. And while there’s no performance information or statistics out yet on the new Blazer SS, we can say that the bar is definitely high. The car is said to debut later this year and become available in Spring 2023.

Source: Chevrolet