If Gran Turismo 7 wasn’t already the cat’s meow… this will change things.

The seventh iteration of one of the world’s most iconic racing games, or as it likes to call itself, “driving simulators,” is a place where automotive brands have shown off what their wildest dreams look like, without the limitations of money, materials, or anything that the real world would use to bog things down. From the Vision GT series, we have seen incredible things come about, such as the SRT Tomahawk, and the Bugatti Vision GT, whose design language influenced came alive in the Chiron.

Jaguar is one of the brands that has participated in making VIsion GT concepts, and the brand’s third Vision GT car has just been released to be included in Gran Turismo 7, joining the Vision GT Coupé and Vision GT SV as an all-electric, single-seat race car designed just for Gran Turismo.

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The powertrain in the new Vision Gran Turismo Roadster is the same as in the Vision GT Coupé, however, the new Roadster takes on a svelte, open-air form inspired by the classic and iconic Jaguar D-Type, which played an integral role in forming Jaguar’s racing heritage by winning Le Mans three times.

The car uses three electric motors, which together generate over 1000 horsepower, and the Roadster uses this power, along with a carbon-fiber and aluminum monocoque body, a low center of gravity thanks to the placement of the batteries, and nearly 50:50 weight distribution, to rocket to over 200 mph.

Both the new Roadster and the Vision GT SV, released in 2020, are available now to drive in Gran Turismo 7 for the first time ever. The SV has a 0-60 time of 1.65 seconds, and tops out at an unfathomable 255 mph.

Source: Jaguar