Wagon fans, your prayers have been answered.

BMW’s Touring wagon models have been a favorite for wagon fans for years, but especially stateside, they have been a rare sight. Now, wagon fans get to have something that they have been begging BMW to give them for years: a BMW M3 Wagon.

Teased in the new “ICONIC PACK” video that BMW has released as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations for BMW M, the M3 Touring combines the M3’s iconic following and serious performance with the practicality, and the severely and desperately underrated looks of a station wagon.

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The video films the M3 and M4 lineup as if it were a pack of wolves and the video were a nature documentary, commenting humorously on the rear-wheel-drive models’ ability to drift as though a wolf were only using its hind legs, and setting the premise of the video up as the M cars answering the “call of the mountain” to perform their “secret ritual.” We see the new Touring model at the end, touted as a “new evolution, combining skills as never seen before.”

The skills in question are the ability to haul wagon-sized cargo in an iconic, beautiful, and quick bonafide performance BMW, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to do so. To wagon lovers around the world, the new BMW M3 Touring is nothing short of a dream come true.

Source: BMW