The world of replica cars has just gotten the green light to get bigger and better than ever before.

Building and selling replica cars has always been a somewhat convoluted process. That’s because replica cars have had to meet the same exact legal regulations as their mass-produced counterparts. The issue with that was that these small manufacturers lacked the money and resources to create cars that met the various regulations that mass-produced cars had to meet. To get around this, replica cars had to be sold as kits with separately sold engines.

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Under new regulations in the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, part of the FAST, or Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, replica cars exist under a new set of regulations that allows small manufacturers to make fully built replica cars. These manufacturers can make up to 325 replicas per year, and the stipulations are that they need to resemble production vehicles that are at least 25 years old, and that they need to meet current emissions standards.

With replicas being so much easier to manufacture, buy, and sell under these new regulations, the possibilities are seemingly endless of what cars can come out of the past and into the future.

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