Aston Martin is recruiting the help of Britishvolt to help them charge into the future.

Even after 109 years of creating a legacy of making incredible cars that push the boundaries of performance, beauty, and luxury, Aston Martin is still pushing to be on the cutting edge of technology and automotive prowess. In 2025, Aston Martin plans to dive headfirst into the world of electric vehicles, and this car will be a performance car, with Aston martin citing on-track performance when announcing what the brand’s targets are for the car.

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Britishvolt, the UK’s leading investor in lithium-ion battery tech, has formed a joint R&D team with Aston Martin, with the goal of creating and manufacturing battery packs and systems to use in Aston Martin’s future electric performance cars.

Before this, Aston Martin wasn’t a complete stranger to the concept of electrification. The Valhalla, Aston Martin’s new supercar, is a plug-in hybrid, and Aston Martin says that that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By 2026, All Aston Martin product lines will have an electrified option, with the entire lineup of its core portfolio becoming electrified by 2030.