If the legacy that the P72 carries isn’t poetic enough for you, this video will have to be.

As spring approaches, car manufacturers are getting in cold weather testing while they can, as there is still snow to be flung from the backs of spinning tires, and ice to be thawed by the heat of engines.

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The De Tomaso P72 is a highly anticipated car, one that we as enthusiasts have been waiting to see fully realized since 2019. And even though seeing a video of the car in cold weather testing means that it still isn’t out in the street yet, it does mean that it’s closer than ever. Deliveries start next year of the 72 P72s that will be built, and for now, seeing a P72 prototype gracefully dance in the white expanses of Swiss snow will just have to do.

Seeing the 6-speed manual transmission being shifted and hearing the 5.0-liter V8 engine giving off its classic, familiar, trustworthy roar proves how much of a commitment to De Tomaso’s heritage and legacy the P72 is, and builds all the anticipation for it to be released even higher than we thought before. Here’s to hoping we can hold out for one more year.

Source: De Tomaso