When it comes to handling any weather situation, the F-150 Lightning is the perfect storm.

Cold weather is a tough challenge for automobiles. Heat is required to operate internal combustion engines, so the cold can make it tough to start and run gasoline-powered cars, and that’s just the beginning. Snow and ice make for surfaces that lack traction and surroundings that lack visibility. The new electric Ford F-150 Lightning, however, has just the skills for the job.

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Ford took six prototype F-150 Lightning trucks out to Alaska to put them to the test in the coldest weather they had access to. With electric power, the F-150 Lightning fusses much less about the cold weather than its internal combustion engine-powered counterparts might, and its dual motor setup with the ability to adjust power going to each wheel in milliseconds makes snow, ice, and icy concrete a complete breeze.

The Lightning features standard always-on 4x4, as well as standard dual motors, various drive modes, and the inherent bonuses of an electric car, which are quick torque delivery compared to gasoline-powered cars, and a low center of gravity thanks to the batteries, which in the truck world is like having your cake, and eating it, too. With deliveries starting in spring, the F-150 Lightning is already the truck of the future, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.