The ultimate Christmas present for a Tesla family.

During the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling, there was another vehicle that had its own reveal and that was the Cyberquad. Announced as an electric ATV concept, the Cyberquad made for the perfect companion to the Cybertruck. While production of the Cyberquad probably won't happen until late 2022 at the earliest, at least kids get to enjoy a version of their own. Introducing the Cuberquad for Kids. This new creation comes from a collaboration between Radio Flyer and Tesla Design Studio, and the result is a perfect mini-rendition of the full-size Cyberquad. Its specs include a top speed of 10 mph, 15+ miles of range, disc brakes, steel frame and it includes Flight Speed Li-Ion Battery tech for faster charging than a typical lead acid battery. You can purchase the Cyberquad for Kids now on Tesla's website for $1,900.

Image Source: Radio Flyer