BMW’s driving full speed ahead into the future, and Google Cloud is along for the ride.

The i4 and iX are BMW’s bold new foray into all-electric vehicles. With driving ranges that go up to over 300 miles for both models, and as much as over 500 horsepower for both as well, BMW has quickly proven how exciting, luxurious, and just how BMW an electric car can be. The futurism of electric cars, however, isn’t the only futurism that BMW wants to be a part of.

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BMW is showing off the iX and the i4 in the futuristic way possible: with augmented reality. Google Cloud and BMW have teamed up to make an AR experience where you can place virtual models of the i4 and iX in real-world environments, and view them in exceptional detail. You’ll get to walk around the cars, change paint colors, turn the lights off and on, and open and close the doors. The detail level goes all the way down to being able to see the grain of the leathers and the patterns of the carbon fiber. The experience is available now on, ahead of the launch of the iX and i4 this spring, where you can find a direct link to the experience through the Google app on iOS and Android.

Source: BMW