The Lotus Evija doesn’t toy around, but its LEGO counterpart will oblige.

The Lotus Evija pushed a lot of boundaries. It was Lotus’s first electric hypercar, Britain’s first electric hypercar, the most powerful series-production road car ever built with nearly 2000 horsepower, and the genesis of Lotus’s incredible renaissance as a brand, a renaissance that has already brought us Lotus fans so much even just in its beginning.

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However, only 130 Evijas will ever come into existence, meaning far more people are going to love the Evija than people who are going to have it, so to let everyone have a piece of the legacy the Evija is creating, LEGO has made a Lotus Evija as part of its Speed Champions collection, and in Lotus’s classic green and yellow livery, it delivers on stirring up all of the Lotus pride, without needing to shell out over $2 million and somehow reserve an Evija.