The elite’s favorite Geländewagen just got even more exclusive.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has always been a cultural icon. But with the years-long SUV craze we are currently in showing absolutely no signs of stopping, the classic Benz has spun up more pop-culture cachet and popularity than ever before, constantly being mentioned in songs, and seen on reality television, in music videos, on the internet, and on the street being driven by those who like the gold standard when it comes to luxury.

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With luxury and rarity as the top priority, Mercedes-Benz has now released the G-Class Edition 550. This limited edition G-Class SUV is a series of three G-Class builds, colored in Jupiter Red, Arabian Gray, and the newest Manufaktur color, Moonlight White. Only 200 G-Class Edition 550s will be made, and they come with a range of options like Nappa leather, Active Multicontour seats, and carbon-fiber trim. Despite the popularity of the G-Class, the opportunity of owning an Edition 550 G-Class is an opportunity to stand out among the crowd, and drive a truly distinguished SUV, a celebration of the amazing capability, heritage, and history of the iconic Geländewagen.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz/LinkedIn