There’s only one frontier Land Rover hasn’t braved, and that’s going to change… sort of.

And that frontier is outer space. While Land Rovers are incredibly capable SUVs, built to take on just about anything the world can throw at them, they are, after all, just SUVs. So when Land Rover decided to set its sights beyond the atmosphere, the brand called on a partner: Virgin Galactic. Together with Virgin Galactic, Land Rover is hosting a sweepstakes for its adventure-loving clientele, and the grand prize is a Virgin Galactic spaceflight, the ultimate adventure into the unknown.

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At, Land Rover owners can enter the sweepstakes at a chance to blast off with Virgin Galactic, and to better their chances, they can create a Space Team of family and friends, who can complete actions, like signing up to learn more about Land Rover, ordering a Land Rover, or financing or leasing a Land Rover, to boost their chances at winning the sweepstakes. The spaceflight, however, isn’t the only prize. There are also Land Rover experiences, merchandise, and more to be won, and the sweepstakes can be entered until June 20, with the prize winner being announced on August 15. And if going to space is your dream, and you're missing the Land Rover to get the chance, click below to view all Land Rovers for sale on the duPont REGISTRY so you can enter.

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