Anyone who knows about Koenigsegg knows that they’re always at the cutting edge.

From the very beginning, Koenigsegg has been dedicated to creating the world’s fastest cars by discovering, expanding, and experimenting with unimaginable technology and engineering. It has been amazing to witness Koenigsegg release a vehicle that shocks and amazes, and then see them learn from one and create something even more powerful, dynamic, and efficient after that. From the biofuel system in the CCXR, to the revolutionary transmission in the Regera, the impossibly futuristic Gemera, and of course, the Jesko, Koenigsegg have yet to disappoint.

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In this video, Christian von Koenigsegg talks us through the “low inertia powertrain” that gives the Jesko what it needs to properly succeed its predecessors. Not only has the engine been redeveloped to be lighter and better performing, but the transmission has also been developed to omit the flywheel and clutch, reducing inertia and making the engine much more responsive, meaning the car shifts faster, and gets going the second you put your foot on the pedal. 

Where this translates in numbers we can all understand and appreciate is that the Koenigsegg Jesko revs up to 8500 RPM, and due to its responsiveness it is the fastest revving production engine in the world, getting from idle to 7800, the limit when the car is in neutral, in just 213 milliseconds. Yet again, Koenigsegg proves that it is the future of world-class supercars. View all current Koenigsegg examples for sale on dupPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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Source: Koenigsegg YouTube