We’re just one month away from a Lotus SUV being fully realized.

For Lotus fans who have known the brand for decades for its racing prowess, and small, agile sports cars, this is still shocking news. But if this decade so far has proved anything about Lotus, it’s that Lotus is a brand that can transform, adapt, and excel in modern times and take advantage of its pedigree, heritage, and history to make cars that took the brand from being a cult classic to a staple of the future.

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Part of that future, as we have seen from most luxury and sports car brands, is luxury sports SUVs, with models being announced and released in the past decade by Jaguar, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and now Ferrari and Lotus. With the SUV seeming to become the modern luxury car, a sports SUV is surely the next logical step.

We have known about the coming Lotus SUV for a while now, as patents were filed years ago, and announcements have been made for some time, but such a dramatic new direction will take some getting used to, especially with this new SUV and every new vehicle coming from Lotus being electric. Lotus has announced that the Type 132 will be unveiled on March 29, which means that if you do need time to get used to Lotus having an SUV, a month is all the time you have.

Source: Lotus