Recharging one of the world’s favorite racing machines definitely deserves an award.

Everrati is a brand dedicated to preserving the history of the world’s greatest cars, ones that informed the direction of the car world and are still referenced, loved, and driven today. However, cars have been moving towards electrification and more environmentally friendly and efficient powertrains at a blistering pace, and the cars that we have adored for decades are now under the threat of being lost to obsoletion. Everrati flips that script and restores the cars we hold so dearly, except for one change that they make, which is converting the powertrain and drivetrain to be electric, effortlessly bringing the world’s favorite past cars, not just into the present, but into the future.

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One of the cars that they do this with is the Ford GT40, the iconic Le Mans-winning race car that wrote one of the most important chapters in racing history by dethroning Ferrari. Now, it continues to live on with the Everrati Superformance GT40, which won the 2022 GQ Car Award for Racing Legend of The Year because of its incredible powertrain and authenticity to the original car.

The car is engineered authentically enough to legally bear the GT40 name, and also carry a GT40/P chassis number, all while being an electric car with 800 horsepower that can get from 0-60 in less than four seconds. Not only is it a relief to know that the GT40 won’t be lost in the past, but it’s also exciting to know how great it is in the present. And that’s definitely something that deserves an award.

Source: Everrati Automotive Limited