And rightly so, as the Porsche Design brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The brand has used Porsche’s iconic sporty and luxurious brand identity to create collections of all sorts of items that exude that same identity and possess beautiful, innovative, and timelessly sleek designs.

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Some of the items Porsche Design has created include watches, cellphones, fashion, and more. The brand, like Porsche itself, has always been dedicated to showing off the intersection of beauty and technology. Some of the pieces that will be exhibited include the Chronograph 1 watch, the P8478 sunglasses, the P9521 cell phone, and the P`3613 tobacco pipe. Some cars from F.A. Porsche’s private collection will be on display as well, as they were often the muses of the pieces that Porsche Design released. One of the cars on display will be the new Porsche 911 Edition 50Y Porsche Design, which will be limited to 750 units and includes many small homages to Porsche Design motifs. The exhibition will be at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart until July 10.

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Source: Porsche Design