Ferrari celebrates historic rally events with a custom design.

As part of the Ferrari brand, the Italian supercar lifestyle highlights its perks well after the initial sale. The Ferrari Cavalcade is just one of the exclusive events open to its community of owners, consisting of an annual rally that takes all kinds of Ferrari models on a trip of a lifetime. The monumental event is continuing its celebration with an exclusive vehicle series that features unique factory configurations that derive inspiration from the destinations visited on each journey. Ferrari is proud to unveil its fifth and last spec that commemorates the 10-year anniversary of Ferrari Cavalcade.

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The new Ferrari 296 GTB presents itself as the launch model of the final series, with the 2014 Sicilian destination of Argento Siracusa being the vision behind its design. The exterior styling of the silver and gold finish represents the way the sunlight falls on the marble architecture of the artistic Italian cities. The Argento Siracusa configuration is available on five Ferrari models that receive their custom treatment through the specialists at Ferrari Tailor Made. Click the link below to view all the current Ferrari models for sale on duPont REGISTRY. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more Ferrari news and releases.

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Source: @ferrari IG