Sometime’s the real world just isn’t enough.

And for those times, we are lucky to live in a world with video games that tide us over, taking us all over the world and letting us drive just about any car we want as fast as we can, with all of the thrill and none of the consequences.

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GRID Legends is the newest addition to these games, and it takes the racing fantasy to new heights, encouraging players to get their hands dirty by pit maneuvering and running your rival players off the track in precious machines that would never even be considered to receive that treatment in the real world.

The zaniness of the game continues when you see that the tracks have just about any kind of car you can think of, from demolition derby cars to hypercars to racing-spec semi-trucks, all battling it out and pulling all the stops to get to the finish line first. When traffic, speed limits, and everything else that comes with driving in the real world gets us car enthusiasts down, GRID Legends might be just the place to live any driving fantasy we can dream up, and with seamless cross-platform multiplayer, we can do it with friends, no matter how they’re tuning in.

Source: GRID Legends YouTube