To Morgan, less wheels means more fun.

For 113 years, three-wheeled Morgans have been a staple in motorsport, providing a small, light, yet highly capable vehicle that does a wonderful job at boiling driving down to the basics, and connecting the driver to the car for a visceral,  exhilarating experience.

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Now, the newest three-wheeled Morgan, the Super 3, is the best one yet. It effortlessly combines the vintage and historical appeal of driving a car that has its roots in some of the earliest days of motorsport, and stays true to them, with the modern innovation and technology to make the Super 3 remain a fun, exciting, and practical car to drive by today’s standards.

The Super 3 is the first Morgan to feature a monocoque structure, and it also features more options and customizations than ever before, making it the perfect blend between historical homage and modern machine. Similar to the number of wheels, its 3-cylinder engine makes 118 horsepower, and the Super 3 gets to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. While those aren’t exactly performance car numbers, the open-air, lightweight driving experience, along with the 5-speed manual transmission, not to mention the £34,958.33 price makes for an affordable and exciting way to bring driving pleasure back to basics.