BE@RBRICK and Period Correct aren’t toying around with this collaboration.

With a dedication to capturing the style, aesthetic, and glory of historical motorsport, in a changing world where motorsport as we know it may become a thing of the past, Period Correct has created fashion and accessories that pay homage to the icons of motorsport and cars of the past. In doing so, the brand has collaborated with the likes of Hot Wheels, McLaren, Yuketen, and now with Medicom Japan, makers of the widely-loved BE@RBRICK collectible figurines.

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Period Correct’s BE@RBRICK comes in a set of two: a 100% size, which measures 7 centimeters tall, and a 400% size, which measures 28 centimeters tall. The figurines are constructed entirely from PVC, and they sport a teal and navy blue Period Correct signature livery. The bears also sport what looks to be a visor where their eyes would be, which makes them look even more ready to race, and they also come packaged in a collectible box, which reads “PERIOD CORRECT Racing Team.”

The Period Correct BE@RBRICK is selling for $180 and will be limited to only 1 set per person, so if you are interested in making the Period Correct BE@RBRICK a part of your collection, act fast.

Source: Period Correct