Soon, investing in Porsche could mean more than just buying one.

Volkswagen Group is apparently in talks to prepare an initial public offering of Porsche, which means that one of its most iconic brands and one of the most iconic brands in the entire automotive world would be available to invest in, and this would be a big change for Porsche.

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Some of the reasoning behind the possible public offering is that Porsche is under stiff competition with Tesla in the premium car market, and needs to keep up with the success of Tesla’s electric vehicles if it wants to remain sustainable in the future. This past year, sales of Porsche’s debut electric vehicle, the Taycan, outpaced sales of their most iconic model, the 911. With this kind of success so soon in its lifecycle, Porsche is betting on the Taycan to slingshot it into the future, as well as the investment and value that this possible IPO may bring.

However, the implications of this IPO are not quite that simple. Porsche’s key stakeholders include the Porsche-Piech family, the government of Lower Saxony, Germany, and the Qatari government, and the IPO has the potential to affect their control. However, with Volkswagen Group confirming that they are in the consideration phase of taking Porsche on to the public market, and Volkswagen’s stock price increasing as a result, it looks like a public listing could be in Porsche’s future.