The creation of fans’ dream Bronco Raptors is sure to reach Jurassic proportions.

Ford recently released the Bronco Raptor, the long-awaited souped-up version of the resurrected Bronco, a car that has returned to its position as a Ford classic, especially where the road ends and the dirt begins. And now, Ford’s Bronco Raptor configurator is live, which means that fans and potential owners of this predator of an SUV can put together their dream Bronco Raptor online.

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On the configurator, we can see just how well-equipped Bronco Raptors are, with multiple options for the wheels, ten exterior colors to choose from, optional Bang & Olufsen sound system, and more. And everything here is an added bonus when compared to the performance of the Bronco Raptor, with a race-ready suspension, and over 400 horsepower on tap. With that kind of performance, we’d be happy to get behind the wheel of a Bronco Raptor in any color, but with the configurator live, it’s even nicer to have a say.