This is Lamborghini’s idea of a snow day.

Up in the Italian Alps, Lamborghini has been hosting a three-day driving course called Academia Neve since 2012. The course is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, taking drivers out into the snow and ice in Lamborghinis to show how to drive them with the ultimate confidence and the ultimate thrill.

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Drivers were able to use the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering of the Huracan EVO and Urus to easily perform the exercises on the mountain ice terrain while kicking up lots of snow and making quite the scene doing so. The Huracan STO, on the other hand, showed impressive composure and racing capability with its rear-wheel-drive setup.

Of course, a Lamborghini experience isn’t complete without luxury. Participants in the Academia Neve were treated to the best hotels and restaurants in the area for the three days. Lamborghini also says that cold temperatures are something that they are used to, as well. Lamborghini factory drivers are regularly trained with cryotherapy, which shows that they know what to do when the temperature dips.

Image Source: Lamborghini