Owning a Maserati comes with a whole host of new perks.

The Maserati Personal Service Lab introduces Maserati customers to a new range of services that provide a luxury experience to perfectly match the ownership of an icon in the Italian luxury automotive world. With the new Pick-up & Delivery and Courtesy car services, Maserati owners can enjoy convenience and luxury not only in their car, but also when their car is getting serviced.

Maserati’s Pick-up & Delivery service allows the Maserati owner to have their car taken to be serviced from an address that they specify, and when that service is completed, the car will be taken back to the exact same address. This way, Maserati owners with busy lives with family, work, or social obligations can make sure that their car always gets the attention it deserves.

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Along with that is the Courtesy Car service. This service allows Maserati owners to drive a Maserati provided by the dealership, while their own Maserati is being serviced. This also provides luxury and convenience to the same people who need to continue their busy lives, and can’t afford the time to wait for work to be done on their car.

These services will be available at Maserati dealerships, and can be purchased at any point during your ownership of a Maserati, and having them makes owning a Maserati just that much better.

Source: Maserati