The all-black LOKI build for a lucky new customer.

Presented by LOKI Basecamp - The outlander lifestyle starts with a vehicle platform capable of traveling on any excursion thrown its way while providing a comfortable living space for the great outdoors. The adventure experts at LOKI Basecamp are proud to showcase its newest Flacon 8 Series build featuring a RAM 3500 Cummins as the truck of choice.

LOKI Basecamp

The exterior of the Falcon 8 is finished in gloss black to match the stealth-like spec of the RAM diesel truck. The build features additional exterior upgrades that include an LED lighting system, side supports, a utility roof rack, multi-system drawers, ladders, an electric rear panel door, and many more to help create the journey of a lifetime. The interior layout transforms the space into a modern living space that highlights the traditional aspects of any home for an on-the-go lifestyle.

LOKI Basecamp

The mudroom is the first area to greet you when entering the Falcon 8, which converts the space into an area with a removable shower, rail drying system, ARB air compressor, and various power outlets for charging capabilities. Beautifully illuminated by an LED lighting system, the kitchen offers a spacious area with a fully functional sink to help prepare meals to enjoy on the lounge table. For the most important area in the Falcon 8, the bedroom is constructed o have an open feel with a queen bed capacity that works on a removable aluminum platform. Engineered with comfort in mind, LOKI fits the bedroom area with amenities like reading lamps, a multimedia monitor, dimmable LED lights, various USB and AC/DC outlets, and extra storage space. The LOKI Falcon 8 is prepared for all four seasons, which is why it's equipped with heating/air conditioning and plumbing that uses two different water tanks.

LOKI Basecamp

The technology that operates the LOKI’s state-of-the-art build is managed through a REDARC automotive electronics system that is mounted to the interior of the Falcon 8. This new LOKI Basecamp Falcon 8 delivers optimum performance from the RAM 3500 Cummins and features everything you need on your next outlander expedition. Discover LOKI Basecamp and its series of off-road living spaces by clicking the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY Daily for more luxury lifestyle news and gear releases.

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Source: LOKI Basecamp