Presented by ONEflight - With holiday travel upon us and concerns escalating with commercial carriers cancelling flights, experiencing shortages in security, gate assistance, flight attendants, and pilots, it is no wonder those that can, find private aviation as the answer. The demand to fly private over the past several months has risen beyond anything previously seen in this sector. Pressure for both commercial and private aviation options is only growing, further stressing the already overwhelmed marketplace. Many private aviation operators have chosen to pause and even cancel the sale of all new jet cards / fractional leases, and other programs, leaving clients in a holding pattern on “waitlists”.

The onslaught is primarily being driven by new to private customers, many individuals who have had the financial means to fly private, but simply did not take advantage of the numerous benefits it provides. In the beginning, demand was driven by concerns with protecting themselves and their families against Covid-19. With fewer touchpoints during private travel, add in the peace of mind in avoiding crowded terminals and commercial aircraft, to time savings, convenience, and the ease of booking are just a few examples of why the affluent are taking notice. The New York Times recently reported, “Before Covid-19, there were about 100,000 regular private jet fliers in the United States, out of some 1.5 million people who could afford to charter a plane, according to a recent report from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. After last year’s shutdown, the report found, many more of the people who could afford to fly private did.” This new to private flyer is hooked, with 100% of those survey stating they have no intention of returning to commercial air travel and now view private aviation as less of a luxury expenditure and more about necessity and practicality.

Even prior to the onset of the pandemic, ONEflight International’s unique private aviation booking platform and membership programs had been on the rise. Now after being named one of the fastest-growing U.S. companies by INC Magazine for a second consecutive year, private jet provider, ONEflight shows no signs of the demand for its product slowing down. ONEflight’s industry-leading online booking platform, (Book-A-Jet), provides its members 24/7 access to a network of nearly 500 operators and over 5,000 private aircraft in the U.S. alone. Further setting the new standard in private jet travel, every member flight also includes concierge services, door-to-door chauffeured car service, and fully catered meals. It is not about the flight, it’s about the complete VIP experience you’ll receive…. every time. ONEflight IS the solution to your aviation problem.