Courtesy of Manhattan Motorcars - With the cancelation of the 2021 New York Auto Show out of Coronavirus concerns, Manhattan Motorcars chose to curate their own Hypercar Showcase on a much more tailored scale. Spanning several floors of their mid-town New York dealership, the week-long event which was open to the public and press was geared towards showing the automotive individuality and the unique aptitude for sourcing exotic and truly one-of-a-kind vehicles. 

The week had several notable moments including previews of select, specially commissioned vehicles. A pair of Bugattis could be seen early Monday on 11th Avenue in New York City carefully being unloaded from a discrete vehicle transporter, later then staged within the Bugatti Showroom. Not only is the Bugatti Chiron Sport among the most sought after from the manufacturer, but the additional variant of the Chiron SuperSport was the most expensive vehicle on display during the week, with a starting price of $3.9million.    

Mid-week, Mate Rimac Founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili along with his Head of Sales, Kreso Coric, and Sales Manager, Robert Beber held an intimate discussion for a hand-selected group while they were able to interact and experience both of the brand’s notable models, the Rimac Nevera and Rimac Concept One. The company, which is based in Croatia, has recently achieved the record for the World’s Fasted Accelerating Production Car of 0-60 in just 1.90 seconds by the all-electric Nevera. 

As a summation of the week’s previews, all custom-commissioned Hypercars were taken by lift to the dealership rooftop, which had been transformed into a club lounge scene. A total of fourteen cars were on display for the Thursday evening event and were illumined against the sunset of the Manhattan skyline as guests entered to the sounds from the DJ booth. Among the displayed cars were the Bugatti SuperSport and Bugatti Chiron Sport, Rimac Nevera and Rimac Concept One, Koenigsegg Gemera and Koenigsegg CCR – which is Christian von Koenigsegg's personal car, Lamborghini STO, McLaren Senna LM, Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner, Bentley Flying Spur, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Polestar 1, and the 1962 Ferrari 250 GT. Reportedly, the 400 guests also experienced a premium tasting by The Macallan and a large display from Beretta Gallery. Other event sponsors included FEM, Hagerty Garage + Social, Hugo Boss, Master & Dynamic, The MJS Groupe, Rally Point East, The Baker House 1650, and Stonegate Real Estate. A very large menu was prepared as well and provided by Diane Hendricks. 

The dealership group which has been known for its bespoke inventory and luxury clientele also has a history of bringing in the most unique brands to market before they become available in any other region, and this showcase is a testament to their continued success and automotive diversity.