The XC-72 reshapes elements from some of New Balance's top running shoes of the time into an aggressive new design.

Whether it is vintage, modern, or futuristic, the automotive world inspires other industries with one-of-a-kind designs and styling. The streetwear fashion world is just one to name a few that incorporate patterns, color, shape, texture, and more into apparel and footwear collections. New Balance is proud to release its new XC-72 Collection inspired by the speculative technology behind 1970s concept cars. The low-cut cross country-style sneaker features a premium perforated leather and suede upper, with a thick foam midsole to provide comfort under contact. The most noticeable aspect of the New Balance XC-72 is the split outsole, which wraps around the entire silhouette in two different tread patterns. The center ‘racing strip’ confirms that the New Balance XC-72 Collection is best described as a sports car for your feet. Shop the all-new New Balance XC-72 Collection by clicking the link below.

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Media Source: New Balance