Bugatti is putting in work to ensure the Centodieci is automotive perfection.

No matter how exclusive the car is, everything Bugatti rolls out of their factory in Molsheim is tirelessly tested so it meets the company's incredibly high standards. Take the Bugatti Centodieci for example. While it may have a planned production run of just 10 examples, Bugatti is still putting it through extensive testing. Motor1 recently joined Bugatti engineers at the Nardo handling track to experience the Centodieci's testing for themselves. Behind the wheel during the testing was Loris Bicocchi, a man that has been involved with the creation and testing of hypercars and supercars for decades. It's truly incredible to see how nonchalantly Bicocchi puts a vehicle worth $9.4 million through its paces on a demanding test track. Check it out for yourself in the video up above and see how well the Centodieci handles reaching speeds up to 186 mph.

It also needs to be noted that the Bugatti Centodieci sounds absolutely wonderful.