Preston Heron incorporates Mercedes-Benz safety into his new collaboration collection.

The worlds of art and fashion are easily influenced by the automotive industry, as they both share similarities in style and design. Mercedes-Benz is familiar with this process, as the German auto manufacturer recently worked with famous designers like Virgil Abloh. Mercedes-Benz is proud to announce its new collaboration project with designer, artist, entrepreneur, and DJ, Heron Preston. The new Mercedes-Benz x Heron Preston Collection is inspired by 40 years of airbags. The new apparel and accessories line is teased on Mercedes-Benz Instagram with a video breakdown of a traditional airbag and a quick shot of what looks to be the clothing material. Although images of the pieces included in the line have yet to release, it is an exciting move forward for the streetwear fashion and automotive worlds. Check back in for more information and a special on How To Buy the Mercedes-Benz x Heron Preston 40 years of Airbag Collection.

Mercedes-Benz Instagram